Move to municipality of Rucphen


Voor : particulier

Apply for registration in the Municipal Personal Records Database (BRP) within five days

When you register, please bring the following documents:

  • valid passport or valid identity card and (if applicable) those of your child or children 
  • one completely filled-in form per person. 
  • original birth certificate of all those to be registered (translated in English, French, German or Dutch and legalised or with apostille)
  • And if applicable:
    marriage certificate(s) translated and legalised or with apostille, divorce decree(s) or death certificate(s) translated and legalised or with apostille.
    You can find more information on the website of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs about legalisation and apostille.    
  •  tenancy agreement, if applicable: declaration form by main occupant, rental contract or sales contract 
  •  for non-EU citizens: first you have to make an appointment with the Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND) to apply for a residence permit. After you have obtained the residence permit, you can make an appointment to register at Town Hall.

  Apply for registration using eIDAS

You can make an appointment to visit Town Hall by calling 0165-349500

Ask for an appointment at Town Hall for registration from abroad (vestiging buitenland).
When you call to make an appointment, please ask to have sent the registration form to you. This way you can fill in the form in advance.

make an appointment online

It is also important that you deregister when you leave the Netherlands.

This text is published on a Dutch based website. Therefore Dutch wording is used.


Registration is free of charge